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Your house is constantly exposed to harsh weather. Paintwork must protect your home and endure these sometimes extreme conditions. K Painting is about high-quality exterior painting that keeps your home in pristine condition.

5 Star Google Reviews Exterior Painting

5 Star Google Reviews

Fully Insured / Owner - Exterior Painter

Fully Insured / Owner - Painter

Using Dulux Premium Paint - The best for Exterior Painters

Using Dulux Premium Paint

weatherboard house painters Sydney

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Licensed and Registered to undertake exterior painting jobs

Licensed and Registered to undertake painting jobs

Exterior Painters Sydney

Exterior Painting Sydney

We consult with the homeowner to ascertain their expectations and requirements, and plan the paint project accordingly. After thorough surface preparation, our exterior painters deliver pristine paint results, giving the home the look it has always deserved.

  • 15 Years Experience
  • Projects start and finish on time
  • High-Quality, long-lasting materials and Paintwork
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Painting the exterior of your home requires special consideration and attention to detail. The home is a part of the surrounding environment, and the right paint scheme should complement the land and garden to achieve a cohesive and attractive look. To enhance the overall appearance, you can also consider painting iron railings, balustrades, gazebos, decks, and even garden paths to match the home.

While timber is the most common material for exterior painting, fibro, metal, and brickwork may also require painting. These surfaces need different primers, and repair work may be necessary. Since timber homes are especially prone to water damage, it's crucial to restore any damage before starting any paintwork.

Not every part of your home is easily accessible. Even a single-story weatherboard home requires a ladder to reach the area below the roof, and multistorey houses present even greater challenges. This is where professional paintwork is essential. We have the necessary equipment and facilities to handle the hard-to-reach areas and achieve the best possible results.
Our professional approach to exterior painting ensures that your home is protected and looks good for years to come. Trust our exterior painters to provide quality service and enhance the beauty of your home's exterior.

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