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Interior painting cannot be taken for granted. A poor paint job, whether it’s the wrong colours or just poorly executed, will always look bad. And nothing can compensate for this.

At K Painting we consult with you first to find your expectations and requirements. And then our interior painters prepare and paint the room according to what you need.

The right colour scheme for your intended décor, paint that resists moisture and staining, a surface finish that softly reflects natural light – we get your interiors looking the way they should look. Get immaculate interiors with our professional approach to painting.

5 Star Interior Painting Services

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Fully Insured / Owner - Interior Painter

Fully Insured / Owner - Painter

Using Dulux Premium Paint - The best of interior painting

Using Dulux Premium Paint

70% jobs from being referral

70% jobs from being referral

Licensed and Registered to undertake interior painting jobs

Licensed and Registered to undertake painting jobs

Interior Painters Sydney

Interior Painting Sydney

The whole feel of a room comes down to quality interior painting. Our interior painters make sure you have the right look for your room, the right colour scheme, the flawless paintwork, the basis for the décor you want for your home or office.

  • 15 Years Experience
  • Projects start and finish on time
  • Quality paint products and Quality workmanship
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

As with any worthwhile project, planning and preparation are half the job. If we don't get these basic groundwork tasks right, then we end up ruining the end result. The right colour scheme is essential if the final décor is going to look attractive. What do you plan for the room? Bright modern? Minimalism for a home office? A classic old-school Victorian look? A sunny children’s bedroom? What flooring do you have, and what furnishings? We consult with you, so the wall colour matches the intended décor.

Surface preparation is important. And this can be different depending on whether it is painting a new home or repainting an established home. New gyprock walls need to be cleaned and dust free. And we must consider trim. Perhaps you need easy-to-clean walls for a child’s room or kitchen. And most importantly the right primer will need to be used.

Repainting has its own set of needs. Walls will need at least some repairs, perhaps some extensive repairs. Cracks and dents will need to be filled. Walls need to be thoroughly cleaned and degreased in trouble spots. Finally, if we use a different type of paint (new acrylic over an old layer of oil-based paint) then we will have to alter the paint surface with sanding and a new primer.

The new paintwork needs to be immaculate. This means no visible brushstrokes, clean lines between the walls and trim, and consistent, matching paint colour over the entire surface.

If there are already furnishings in the room great care needs to be taken to protect these with covering clothes. Floors will also need to be protected against inevitable paint splatter. And all accessories, like light switches and doorknobs, need to be covered.

The after-paint clean-up is the last step. The room must be aired out and dust free, ready for the final furnishings to be returned.

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